At Carlton Farms our hams, bacon, and sausages get extra pampering and are smoked right here on the Farm. Sweet curing, dry aging, and slow smoking over real wood deliver the savory flavors you expect. All natural, no artificial flavors. The same way we have been dong it for over 60 years!


Good to the bone.

Sweet curing, dry aging, and slow smoking over real wood delivers mouth-watering flavor all the way to the bone—it’s like eating ham for the first time. Even if you go boneless, the rich taste will have your guests asking, “Where did you say this came from?”


Bring home the bacon.

Our award-winning lean, irresistible bacon moves any meal beyond delicious. Try it for breakfast or brunch. For lunch on a BLT. And when our bacon is wrapped around a Carlton Farms Ribeye Steak, it’s a transformative experience.


Premium pork, spice, and smoke.

Carlton Farms sausage is made from the same hand-processed, all-natural choice cuts as our other pork products. After we add spices and smoke, your taste buds will be whisked off to a beer garden, Cajun barbecue, or Italian kitchen.

Summer sausages

Ready to serve, ready to impress.

Ready to serve, our All Natural Beef Summer Sausages are made using time honored recipes, fresh cuts of meat and are finished with a special smokehouse selection. Your picnic basket, cracker or apple will be longing for summer sausage companionship.

Smoked turkey

This will be your new favorite way to eat turkey.

Eating a smoked turkey should be on everyone’s bucket list. And after you’ve experienced our version, there’s no going back to oven baked. Add one to a party buffet or enjoy it anytime hunger strikes.