At Carlton Farms, our hams, bacon, and sausages get extra pampering and are smoked right here on the Farm. Sweet curing, dry aging, and slow smoking over real wood deliver the savory flavors you expect. All natural, no artificial flavors. The same way we have been doing it for over 60 years!

Smokehouse Bacon

Bring home the bacon.

Our award-winning lean, irresistible bacon moves any meal beyond delicious. Try it for breakfast or brunch. For lunch on a BLT. Crumbled on top of deviled eggs for the perfect BBQ side. The perfect crispy companion topped on a Cobb salad. And when our bacon is wrapped around a Carlton Farms Ribeye Steak, it’s a transformative experience. The succulent crunch of bacon is the ultimate accompaniment to any meal or simply enjoyed on its own. Bringing home Carlton Farms bacon means bringing some smiles to the table. Following the highest standards, hand-trimmed, and smoked to perfection for the ultimate taste experience, our all-natural bacon will be a favorite year-round tradition.