At Carlton Farms our hams, bacon, and sausages get extra pampering and are smoked right here on the Farm. Sweet curing, dry aging, and slow smoking over real wood deliver the savory flavors you expect. All natural, no artificial flavors. The same way we have been dong it for over 60 years!

Smokehouse Sausage

Premium pork, spice, and smoke.

Carlton Farms Sausage is made from the same hand-processed, all-natural choice cuts as our other pork products. Sometimes the easiest way to escape is through food. Perfectly paired combinations of spices in our Sausages add regional flavor to every bite. The carefully selected spices and just the right amount of smoke in our Sausages means your taste buds will be whisked off to a beer garden, Cajun barbecue, or Italian kitchen. We sell only the highest-quality natural sausage made in small batches with simple ingredients. Are you ready to take your taste buds on an adventure?