At Carlton Farms our hams, bacon, and sausages get extra pampering and are smoked right here on the Farm. Sweet curing, dry aging, and slow smoking over real wood deliver the savory flavors you expect. All natural, no artificial flavors. The same way we have been dong it for over 60 years!

Smokehouse Turkey

This will be your new favorite way to eat turkey.

Eating a smoked turkey should be on everyone’s bucket list. And when you experience our version, there is no going back to oven baked. Lightly hickory smoked for smooth, rich smoked flavor that hits the spot. The addictive aroma of our juicy smoked turkey will be the hit of the party. Smoked to perfection and bursting with signature country flavor, add one to a party buffet, make it the centerpiece of a special occasion, or simply enjoy it any time hunger strikes. Our delicious mouth-watering Smoked Turkey delights taste buds and can be delivered right to your doorstep.