Welcome to our Specials Offers page. This is the online version of our Chalkboard Specials at the store. It features an ever-changing selection of our quality meats at terrific prices. Try something new or stock up on favorites. Check back often to see what is new!

This Week’s Special

International Sausage 3 pack (3- 1 lb. packs)

Three flavorful, hard-to-find sausages with an international flair at a spectacular price. Perfect for jambalaya and gumbo! Be Emeril in your kitchen and take your tastebuds on an adventure. Our sausages are made in small batches, with the same hand-processed, all-natural choice cuts as our other pork products. The pack includes one pound each of Andouille (Cajun), Cinghiale (Italian), and Linguisa (Portuguese).